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Contact Information


Ocean Sciences Department
University of California
Santa Cruz , CA 95064






DR. Raphael Kudela

  • Associate Professor of Ocean Sciences, UC Santa Cruz

Role in CIMT

  • Chair of remote sensing and database groups.

  • Member of ship survey working group

  • Within CIMT his specialty is in linking phytoplankton ecology to both the lower (physical and chemical interactions) and higher (trophic transfer) components of CIMT.

Research Interests

  • Kudela is a phytoplankton ecologist who wishes to understand the fundamental question: what controls phytoplankton growth and distribution in the ocean? More specifically, how do the multiple interactions of light, macro- and micronutrients and phytoplankton physiology determine the rates, processes, and patterns we observe in the marine environment?
  • Oceanography is rapidly moving away from observational science towards an understanding of underlying mechanistic processes at all scales, in part because of the wealth of revolutionary new technological and scientific advances. My approach is to combine a suite of 3 tools: (1) remotely sensed data from moorings and satellites in combination with biological models; (2) novel bio-optical methods assaying phytoplankton physiology; and (3) the refinement of stable and radio-tracer isotopes.